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North Shore Living December News

Dec 02, 2021 05:55PM ● By Editor
December 2, 2021

Dear Camp

At North Shore Living we started out November with a bang. We had our dear volunteer Diane Nowers dressed in her orange hunting garb read us a deer camp story. We proceeded to hunt our wily Tom turkey and hone up on our mad skills on the hunting range with our Nerf guns. Linda Johnson was our big winner of this event. We ended deer camp with fresh baked bread made by Nadine and her daughter Mary all the while telling tall tales of the buck that got away.


Button Button Who’s Got the Button

National Button Day was Tuesday, November 16th. On this day we selected pretty buttons to adorn our Christmas tree ornaments we made for our craft sale which will be held on Tuesday, December 7th. We also had a fun time reminiscing about grandma’s button tins and playing button button who’s got the button game. Do you remember your grandma’s button collection? Wouldn’t it be fun to open that tin and reminisce about grandma? According to the Perk there are over 3,000 members in Button Societies covering four continents and 39 of our 50 states. The oldest button was found in Pakistan dating back 5000 years.

Honoring our Vets

The Color Guard representing the Navy, Army, Marines, and Air Force stopped by to honor our Veterans Robert Haring, William Butz, Robert Sampson and Harold Husby. We gave our Vets a certificate of appreciation and read a poem thanking them for their service. They enjoyed dinner together from Birch Terrace along with delicious truffles from Gunflint Mercantile all provided by the Legion Auxiliary. 

We celebrated Mary Liebsch, Joyce Hagen and Jackie McKenzie’s birthday’s with wonderful music by Doug Sanders and delicious apple cake made by Sharon Bloomquist.


Spotlight of the month

Rose Hasegawa is our resident spotlight of the month. Rose was born and raised in Sacramento, CA. Rose is the 8th child and the baby of the family so she was spoiled. Rose is the last remaining sibling of her family. As a child Rose loved to play jacks, games, ball and eat. Her family was basically self-sufficient raising grapes, strawberries and vegetables. Rose said something that was hard for her as a child was watching the other kids because she was too little. She just had to sit and watch or she had to stay home.

Rose graduated from a Sacramento high school and moved with her family to Colorado. Rose met her husband Tom through distance relatives in Colorado. They were married in Denver and honeymooned in Boulder. Shortly after they were married Tom was drafted into the Army. Rose and Tom have one son Duane, who lives in Grand Marais with his wife Barb Heideman. Rose and Tom enjoyed traveling to places such as Japan and all over the United States. They also enjoyed dancing, golfing, bowling and flower gardening. Rose was a sharp and savvy businesswoman. She was the Vice President of a wholesale/retail store where they made souvenirs, jewelry, specialty items for athletics and sold Native American jewelry.

At North Shore Living Rose loves to participate in everything she possibly can. She’s right there when it comes to coffee and sweets. Rose is a sharp dresser and always offers to help us with our activities. Rose is thoughtful, kind, competitive in sports and still loves to dance. When asked what is still on her bucket list Rose replied, “Nothing, I just like to do everything.”

Other happenings

We continue to have our Saturday Dominoes crowd, lots of Bingo and card games happening and have started crafting for our holiday sale coming up way to fast. Since we have to have our article in before all our happenings happily happen I’ve enclosed a few pictures of residents dressed up from our Halloween party back in October. Stayed tuned to find out who was the big cover all Bingo winner on Thanksgiving Day as they get to have Tom the turkey spend a week in their room. 


As always we are thankful for the love and support we continue to get from wonderful people like you whether it is in gift giving, cookie baking, coming in and assisting us with crafts and games, reading to us and in so many more kind and thoughtful ways. We are looking for volunteers to come string outside lights and decorate the ground a little bit. If you are interested please give me a call at 218-387-3518.

Have a wonderful Holiday season. Until next month be blessed and safe.