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Reminder to slow down, move over for Crash Responder Safety Week

Nov 09, 2021 06:25AM ● By Editor
Duluth Fire is asking people to remember Crash Responder Safety Week. Photo: WDIO-TV

From WDIO-TV - November 8, 2021

The Duluth Fire Department would like to remind the public to slow down, stay alert, and move over when coming across a traffic accident as a part of Crash Responder Safety Week.

"We want to feel safe when we're on the roadway, and we want other drivers to be safe, too," shared Samuel Cooley, a Fire Equipment Operator.

Beginning today through November 14, the Duluth Fire Department will be providing safety reminders on its social media pages to highlight the important role that the public plays in keeping first responders safe as they work to keep roadways safe and clear.

Just shy of every week a first responder is killed while attempting to clear a roadway crash. To date, 51 traffic incident responders have been killed in the United States. Far more have sustained life-altering injuries.

“Vehicle accidents result in a large number of the emergency response calls that the DFD responds to each year,” said Deputy Chief Jon Otis. “Crash Responder Safety Week is a good reminder for all of us to give first responders the room that they need to do their work and get home safely.”

The Duluth Fire Department works closely with other public entities including the Duluth Police Department, Minnesota State Patrol, Mayo Ambulance, and St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office when responding to vehicle crashes.

“Generally, at each vehicle accident there are a number of first responders who are working the situation,” Otis said. “Our biggest concern is people not paying attention, while our crews are working to stabilize the scene, and help those who are impacted by the crash. We rely on other public safety officers to be our eyes while we hard at work mitigating the situation. While this safety week lasts for seven days, we are asking the public to be mindful of first responders each and every day of the year.”

Crash Responder Safety Week is a national effort that promotes Slow Down, Move Over law awareness for motorists and free Traffic Incident Management (TIM) training for responders.

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