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Crowds flock to Hawk Ridge for migration season

Oct 08, 2021 06:33AM ● By Editor
Photo: Fox 21 News

By Natalie Noury of Fox 21 News - October 7, 2021

Not only is it the prime time of year to see the fall colors, but a few might not know that it is also the prime time of year to see thousands of birds migrate through Duluth.

Hawk Ridge offers one of the top 5 best viewing places in the United States for bird watching, especially this time of year. People from all over the country, and even beyond, flock to this spot to stay and watch some of their favorite birds.

It provides the perfect place for education, or enjoyment, no matter who comes to watch.

“The general public comes here, we have school kids that come here, yesterday we had a class of classroom teacher trainees who come here and to me, we have to stop and look at the miracle of migration, these birds are doing a phenomenal thing,” Terry McLaughlin, Lead Naturalist at Hawk Ridge said.

From the start of September to October 1st, close to 90,000 birds are seen migrating, and it is the perfect opportunity for passionate, or even amateur bird watchers, to catch some beautiful animals in action.

“You never know what you’re going to see, we had a flock of sand hill cranes that was at the end of the day flying into the sun, just beautiful” Dave Carman, Founding Executive Director for Hawk Ridge, said.

Hawk Ridge is open to the public all day on East Skyline Parkway, and staff is there daily from 9 to 4.

To watch a video version of this story and see related reports, follow this link to the Fox 21 News website.

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