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“Your body is able to fight it better”: Northwest Wisconsin man shares COVID experience before and after the vaccine

Oct 06, 2021 05:47AM ● By Editor
Photo: KBJR-TV

By Quinn Gorham of KBJR-TV - October 5, 2021

About a month ago, Blake Melin was cleaning his house when he felt a familiar feeling -- he couldn't smell.

"I was mopping my floor, and I realized that I couldn't smell the Pine Sol, so I ran over to the cabinet and grabbed some coffee and couldn't smell that either."

Melin got a test and came back positive for COVID-19.

He'd had the virus in November of 2020, before he recieved the vaccine.

This time, however, Melin said he could feel the difference the vaccine made.

"When I had it the first time, the symptoms were pretty nasty and it lasted for about a week. Then when I had my breakthrough case after being vaccinated, the actual COVID symptoms lasted for about 24 hours," he said.

Around 33,000 out of 3.1 million Minnesotans have tested positive for COVID after receiving the vaccine.

That already small percentage has a much lower death rate, with just 185 total deaths among vaccinated people in the state.

Dr. Peter Henry, Chief Medical Officer with Essentia Health says breakthrough cases sometimes happen, but being vaccinated provides an extra edge.

"We know that people who do get vaccinated can get infected, and in some instances can transmit COVID as well. But we know that typically those indivduals who have breakthrough infections tend to have less severe disease," he said.

According to the CDC, getting the vaccine can reduce your chances of dying from COVID-19 by more than 10 times.

Dr. Henry says it also helps keep pressure off of hospitals.

"Our staff is extremely exhausted, and they need the assistance of individuals to do whatever they can to reduce their likelihood of showing up for emergent care and emergency departments," said Dr. Henry.

Current CDC guidance says the COVID-19 vaccine is both safe and effective.

Pfizer's vaccine has also been fully approved by the FDA.

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