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Cook County Schools ISD 166 Strategic Planning Survey

Oct 05, 2021 12:16PM ● By Editor
October 5, 2021

Greetings Cook County Families -

The school board and leadership team of Cook County Public Schools are beginning a process to update the district's strategic plan to guide future decisions about priorities, resource management, and long term goals. The process will include refreshing the district mission, vision, core values, and strategic directions followed by establishing more detailed continuous improvement and operational plans. As we strive to develop robust plans to prepare students for success in future decades, we will first take time to gather input from the many families, businesses, organizations, and community members that the district serves.

Please take some time during the month of October to offer input through this questionnaire. It might be most meaningful to read and discuss the questions within your family, organization, and/or business before submitting an answer. It is important for us to gather input from the diverse communities within the district so please feel free to share this questionnaire link with others. The link can also be found on the district website by clicking on "Survey" in the header at the very top of the site.

Preschool students this fall will graduate in the year 2035, so we know that we must help students prepare for careers that may not yet be created. We look forward to reading and hearing your thoughts about what students must learn and demonstrate mastery of to be successful in the many years ahead. Your input is appreciated and valued so thank you in advance for your thoughts.

Kindest Regards

Chris Lindholm
Cook County Public Schools

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