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Iron Range thrift shop gives free supplies to wildfire victims

Sep 09, 2021 05:34AM ● By Editor
Photo: WDIO-TV

By  of KBJR-TV - September 8, 2021

Northern Frontier Thrift Shop gathers donations for wildfire victims who have lost personal belongings.

Shelves of hygiene, school, and cleaning products are placed in the middle of the store with a sign stating it is for "fire victims only" to help out those most in need.

The owner of the shop, Carly Evancevich, said she felt compelled to take action after what she had heard and seen from surrounding communities.

"I've seen the pictures. I've seen the videos. Just like everybody else I've heard the impact that it's had. We learned of a couple yesterday, and they're in their 70s, and they lost pretty much everything," Evancevich said.

Donors like Lori Edstrom showed up with cars full of products, ready to be given out to community members.

"I love helping people in the community. I can't say no. If you look at my porch you can tell, and I just think it's amazing what people can do. It's how you're going to bring your community together," Edstrom said.

The shop's website lists what they need, as well as listing a GoFundMe page for anyone that wants to donate money to fire victims.

So far, they have raised more than $500.

"I try to help the community in any way I can. I always have. That's the way my parents raised me to be. I knew that this was something I knew somebody needed to do, and when no one else was doing it I decided I should be the one to do it. I have both the storefront and the means to be able to do it," Evancevich said.

To visit their website or donate, click here.

To watch a video version of this story and read related reports, follow the link to the KBJR-TV website.

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