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June Summer Theater Camp Change

Jun 01, 2021 02:41PM ● By Editor
From the Grand Marais Playhouse - June 1, 2021

The June Summer theater camps will be combined for grades 3-8  and run from June 14-25. M-F, 9-3PM.

Come learn about Greek Myths! Create fantastic creatures! 

The participants will select "Perstephanie Goes Underground" or "The Snow Queens Revenge on Hercules" or do both.

Registration closes on Friday June 4 at 5 PM.
Participants will design, build and perform the play(s). All areas of theater will be covered. Participants will be actors and stage crew.
Fee is $400, Scholarships available. 
If you would like to sponsor a youth, please go to 

The Snow Queen’s Revenge on Hercules by Hayley Cotton
Hercules has stolen the Snow Queen’s magical ice horses and she wants revenge. She teams up with Hera and they hatch an evil plot. They trick Hercules into going on a date with his girlfriend. Only his girlfriend is now a bewitching ice sculpture that will freeze Hercules until the end of time!
Students will love playing fairy tale characters, mythological figures and animals in this delightful mixed-up fairy tale

Snow Queen 
Woogle, the Wizard Version of Google 
Robber Girl 
Gerta Sculpture 
Villager 1 
Villager 2 
Villager 3 
Other Horses 
And many crew roles!

Perstephanie Goes Underground by Elizabeth Rapoza
Perstephanie Goes Underground is the comedic retelling of Persephone, the young Greek Goddess of Spring. In this story, Perstephanie takes a job in the Underworld in hopes of gaining more freedom and respect from her mother. However, things don’t turn out as she planned and Perstephanie learns that you can’t always go home. This play teaches lessons about growing up and becoming independent. It is a great introduction to the Greek myths and their view of the changing of the seasons and the afterlife.

DEMETER – Earth Mother/Goddess of the Harvest
PERSTEPHANIE – Demeter’s daughter. Maiden of Spring/Flowers
HADES – God of the Underworld and the Afterlife
HECATE – Goddess of the Dark Moon and Transitions
ZEUS – King of the Gods
ATHENA – Goddess of Wisdom and Reason
HERMES – Messenger of the Gods
and many crew roles

Sue Hennessy
Grand Marais Playhouse
P.O.Box 996
Grand Marais, MN 55604
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