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Auditions - The Birthday Club- June 7th at 7 PM

May 31, 2021 12:51PM ● By Editor
From the Grand Marais Art Colony - May 31, 2021

Auditions- June 7th at 7 PM at the Arrowhead Center for the Arts.Roles for 5 women

The Birthday Club by Phil Olson.
The Birthday Club is a comedy where five women get together for their birthdays, each with her own story, to drink, celebrate, commiserate and support each other as they negotiate through marriage, work, divorce, birth and kids, while solving the problems of the world.

Performances will be July 22-25 at 7 PM at the Arrowhead Center For The Arts in Grand Marais. One live stream performance on July 22.

Rehearsals begin June 8th, Monday - Thursday 6 to 8 pm. Subject to change after cast discussion. Contact Playhouse for perusal script.

Cheryl: 50. Married, successful business owner, anal retentive, control issues. Marriage is strained. Stay-at-home husband.

Emily: 40's. High school teacher. Divorced twice. Prolific Tinder dater. Has had lots of "work done."

Abbie: 30's. Married. Stay at home wife. Easy life. Nice big house, pool, boat.

: 40. Works in "law enforcement." Married, 4 kids. Very tough.

Sarah:  20's. Works for Cheryl. Member of the very strict "Heemish" religion. Wholesome, innocent, naive of all worldly things.

Sue Hennessy
Grand Marais Playhouse
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