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North Shore Living May Newsletter

Apr 30, 2021 08:38AM ● By Editor

Photos submitted by Lisa Bloomquist

April 30, 2021

Don’t be fooled

On April fool’s day, we had us a bit of fun. All the residents were handed some brown E’s. They were asked if they would like a brown E thinking it was a brownie and then they were asked to hand them out to other people. We also played a round of Bingo where they all had the same Bingo card. There were many laughs when everyone shouted out Bingo at the same time. 

We decorated Easter eggs bright and colorful. It is so much fun to do things that bring back childhood memories. We sampled different flavors of pretzels and played pretzel hangman for our monthly birthday party. Trudy B, Shirley H, Nona S, and Ann W all celebrated their birthday. We also have our Red To Me program where volunteers video in and read to a resident. 

In spite of not having volunteers or visitors running around, we have things going on to keep us busy. We can win Bingo bucks to spend at our General Store; we have dog visits by Maizy and Ginger, Arm Chair Travel, indoor visits from family and friends, exercises, games every Sunday, crafts, birds to watch, coffee and chit chat with fresh baked goods.

Antiques living and well just older

Cherish an Antique Day was April 9th.  According to the Perk, an item has to be over 100 years old to be considered an antique. As we were reminiscing over antiques staff brought from home or were loaned from Oddz n’ Endz we mentioned we just may have an antique living with us as Irene Peterson turned 100 this past January. We had a Prince Albert tobacco can who’s company was patented in 1907, we had a Victory glass clothes scrub board, a water pitcher, an old glass jar which we weren’t sure what it would have held. Some thought jelly or peanut butter. It looked a honey jar to me. In any case, this jar currently houses many marbles that Melissa inherited from her dad. She looked some of the marbles up and they potentially have value of $300.00 each. We also looked at a potato ricer and reminisced about making lefse, we looked at a rolling pin with memories of rolling out 100’s of pies in our lifetimes.

Lunch Lady Spotlight resident of the month 

Joyce Hagen was born in Hovland, MN on November 24, 1926. She is the seventh of eight children. She said something fun she used to do as a child was to go to town for an ice cream cone. She saved money from babysitting and bought herself a pair of roller skates. She went rolling skating in the schoolyard. Joyce spent a lot of time helping her sister with all her babies. She graduated from CCHS along with about 20-30 others. She didn’t attend college, but went to work as a telephone operator in Duluth.

One time while home Joyce and her brother-in-law Eddie Koski were in the Hovland General Store where they saw Ray Hagen. Ray had just gotten out of the service after serving 4 years in Japan. Eddie said to Ray, “This is Joyce and she isn’t married yet.” God, I could have died Joyce exclaimed.” One day Joyce was surprised when Ray had a diamond ring. While Joyce’s wedding dress was being hemmed by her mother, Joyce remembers asking her who’s idea this was anyway? Her mother told her it was yours. They were married when Joyce was 21 in Hovland.  Joyce said she shook so badly she doesn’t even remember what was being said. Joyce and Ray were headed to Canada for their honeymoon, but someone had put gravel in their gas tank so Ray had to spend time taking care of that mess and didn’t go on their trip. 

 Joyce and Ray have two children Beth and Warren.  Her husband Ray and one grandson passed away. Joyce has two grandchildren and a few great-grandchildren. Joyce was a lunch lady for 30 years at CCHS. Joyce loved to bake rye bread and bars. She also loved to crochet, embroider and play cards. Joyce and Ray used to meet up with Lloyd and Rose Goble every Saturday to play cards. They all also took a trip around Lake Superior.  Every fall Joyce and Ray used to hike Oberg Mountain. They also had a garden, but Ray wouldn’t let Joyce tend it as she said she would end up pulling out the flowers instead of the weeds. Joyce said she and Ray tried not to argue and one thing she would like to say to young people is to get along with your spouse.

Things and stuff

Once again we would like to say thank you to all of our volunteers who send us goodies in the mail, make us homemade treats, send us cards, etc. You all are so wonderful and much appreciated.

There are many ways you can reach out and connect with your family and friends here at North Shore Living. We look forward to seeing you soon. 


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