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A tribute to Mrs. Susan Nelson by one of her students

Mar 03, 2021 05:47AM ● By Editor
Photos submitted by Sue Nelson

Mrs. Nelson's Retirement - By Erica Tate

Mrs. Nelson has been teaching for 31 years.  She has been working at Cook County Schools for 29 years and the other 2 years she worked at two other different schools. She loves working at the school and she is proud of us kids. She loves our school so much and she loves to be a Viking. She is retiring because she, her son, and her husband want to go on life adventures like going to Nashville, and lots of concerts. Her dream job when she was younger was to be a Broadway star. The college she went to was St. Cloud State.  

 Kyle in the family RV on one of their adventures

What made her decide to go into teaching was her love for kids - she wanted to be a coach and her love for literature.  She especially wanted to teach and coach. She started two sports up here at Cook County Schools, girls basketball and girls softball. 28 of her years were as an English teacher and for 3 years she was a Special Education teacher. 

I will miss Mrs. Nelson a lot. We had a lot of fun hanging out for two years. It was comfortable in her room with the fun lamps and the bean bag chairs. It felt like a family in her room with everyone in it. We made hot chocolate sometimes and got snacks once in a while. Sometimes we would go outside and go through the felted forest. I had a lot of great memories with Mrs. Nelson such as going outside and playing board games and a lot of other stuff. I felt really close with Mrs. Nelson and seeing her retire melts my heart. She had been my teacher for two to three years. We will all miss seeing Mrs. Nelson at the school. 



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