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Topic of the Month: Relationships: Green Lights & Red Flags

Feb 02, 2021 06:30AM ● By Editor
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From Sawtooth Mountain Clinic and Cook County Public Health and Human Services - February 1, 2021

When we talk about "relationships," it’s often assumed that we mean romance.  While those kinds of attachments play a large role in many people’s lives, they’re certainly not the only relationships worth contemplating.  We have other connections:  family, friends, co-workers, supervisors, neighbors, and all of those associations can have relational “green lights” or “red flags.”  
In February's Topic of the Month,  we explore:

  • Why it's important to be able to spot relationship signals.
  • What "Green Lights" look like.
  • How to identify "Red Flag" behaviors.
  • Four questions that will help you to tell which type of relationship you're in.

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