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Video: Through loss of son, family sharing his light and love with hospitalized COVID-19 patients

Jan 21, 2021 06:07AM ● By Editor

Watch the KSTP-TV Report here

Photo: KSTP-TV

By Jessica Miles of KSTP-TV Eyewitness News - January 20, 2021

"There [aren't] five minutes in a day that I don’t think about Isaiah," says Rachel Moorefield.

For Rachel and her husband Steve, the loss of their 19-year-old son Isaiah has felt even heavier during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"He passed from depression to suicide on July 28, 2018," Rachel explains, through tears.

"Since losing Isaiah I’ve struggled with worth a lot, I’m very happy that Rachel was able to come up with a brilliant idea to put that back into us a little bit," Steve shares.

The idea is something called 'suncatchers.'

Along with Isaiah's sisters, Bella and Mylie, the family is creating and selling suncatchers to spread Isaiah's love and light.

"To be able to give light to anybody who may be feeling in the darkness or alone, to know that we might be able to give them a little bit of light, to make their day better, it’s worth everything," Rachel said.

For every suncatcher that is sold, another is donated to a COVID-19 patient in a central Minnesota hospital. In the short month and a half they've been crafting the suncatchers, the Moorefield's have been overwhelmed with requests for more.

"We were expecting to do 1 to 200 and we ended up selling over 1300," Rachel said.

Isaiah's light is now spreading from St. Cloud hospital to many others.

"For the hospital staff to be able to have something physical to give to their COVID-19 patients to represent the community and the light, they said was just beautiful," she adds.

For the Moorefield family, the suncatchers are a path to healing. 

"It feels good being part of the community and helping any possible way that we can," Steve said.

"It doesn’t take away the pain at all, I’ve probably been crying more than I’ve ever cried, I miss him so much, but to know that he is making a difference, it’s the best gift a mom could get who’s lost a child," Rachel shares.

The suncatchers sell for $16 each or two for $30. You can find them at

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