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Video: Restaurants, bars, entertainment venues welcome customers back for indoor dining

Jan 12, 2021 06:20AM ● By Editor

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Photo: WDIO-TV

By Alejandra Palacios from WDIO-TV - January 11, 2021

Community members enjoyed dining in at their favorite restaurant, bar and entertainment venue with limited indoor service back in place Monday. This comes after Gov. Tim Walz eased restrictions last week.

"It was exciting to see the customers waiting outside to come in and enjoy a meal and kind of come back to a sense of normalcy," said Dan Lefebvre, a managing partner of Duluth Grill.

"Oh, I'm thrilled! This is my favorite spot and it's so comfortable to eat in again," said Harriet Crofts, a Duluth Grill customer.

The sight of empty tables and chairs is no more with the reopening of these businesses. Duluth Grill welcomed customers early in the morning.

"Sheltering from COVID-19 has been extremely unpleasant so being able to get out for a meal has been huge. It's a huge boost to see my friend too," said Crofts, who was enjoying a meal with her friend.

During the time Duluth Grill didn't offer indoor dining they had time to work on an exciting remodeling project.

"It's kind of the silver lining of everything that's going on right now but we were able to kind of build a new setting for our customers," said Lefebvre.

"It's an adaptive type situation and honestly we're excited and anxious because we've been shut down for so long and we're just excited to get back to our public. We have a lot of our regulars we haven't seen in several weeks that always gives it a fun atmosphere that we have," said Logan Crowser, a manager at 310 Pub.

310 Pub staff were especially excited to see customers again since they didn't offer takeout during the closure.

The pub offers fun games like darts, skee ball, air hockey and more that customers can still enjoy but under new guidelines.

"You have to wear a mask and you aren't allowed to have food and drinks in there just because that way you keep your mask on and then we're looking into doing a checkout system so that way we can sanitize the bean bags or darts that people use," said Crowser.

Marcus Theatre staff were busy Monday getting things cleaned up and ready to go to reopen for $5 Movie Tuesday.

"We've missed our customers and they've missed us. We've missed our staff so everybody is gung ho and ready to go," said Shawn Fennessey, the general manager for Marcus Theatre in Duluth.

Before being forced to close, they had new health guidelines in place which includes social distancing and extra cleaning measures to make the experience safe.

"When you buy seats you know that there's not gonna be people directly in front or behind on either side of you that way everyone is spaced out and social distanced throughout the theater," said Fennessey.

There is low contact with people being able to order tickets and food from the theater online and picking it up at the concession.

"You can buy tickets a week at a time which is great so you can really plan out your stuff. We've also got Marcus Private Cinema Now. You can reserve and pay for a theater and have a private show for up to 20 people. Right now it's at an introductory price of $99, so you can really guarantee that you'll have a theater to yourself or a private show of something we've got playing for Marcus Private Cinema," said Fennessey.

 As a reminder, service cut-off time is 10 p.m.

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