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New book explores the quirks and comedy of being from Minnesota

Dec 23, 2020 06:05AM ● By Editor
Photo: KARE 11

By Kris Laudien of KARE 11 News - December 23, 2020

Need a last-minute Christmas gift that’s unique to Minnesota? Stuff a stocking with the illustrated book "You Might Be From Minnesota If…"

Author and illustrator Kirk Anderson takes a delightful, illustrated romp through the state. “If something is quirky and fun, by god it’s going in the book," he said.

Anderson said his research for the book came from living in the state for the past 25 years, recalling stories from his youth and observing the people living around him. Combine that with reading whatever he could get his hands on about the state’s history, and the book took shape. “It’s kind of a love letter to Minnesota along with the warts and all and quirks and fun wacky stories," Anderson said.

The book explores the state’s cultural identity with comedic and accurate insights. There’s behavior we’ve all experienced -- like being stuck at a 4-way stop because everyone is unbearably polite and keeps waving each other through.

You’ll laugh when you turn the page to see a gentleman using a Target credit card as an improvised ice scraper. The scenes describing a winter migration to warmer climates while others hibernate, watch Netflix and live off the fat gained at the state fair will also hit home.

It’s all put together with the underlying message that Minnesotans are proud of who they, enjoy a good laugh and embrace originality. Anderson relates it to the time he realized not everybody has live bait in their fridge. “It’s kind of a cool source of pride.”

And like it or not, Anderson believes being courteous, reserved and passive aggressive will always be part of our culture. “The difference is Texas knows they’re number one and doesn’t care what you think. And Minnesota, we know we’re on a lot of top 10 lists, and we care desperately what you think," he said.

The book can be bought online at and Amazon, or you can pick it up in-store at Barnes and Noble.

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