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North Shore Living October Newsletter

Sep 29, 2020 04:10AM ● By Editor
Photos submitted by Lisa Bloomquist of North Shore Health.

September 2, 2020

The Mail Must Go Through

Yes, we can gather for group activities, but stay socially distanced.  Yes, we are having more and more Essential Caregivers coming through our doors. We are currently up to 20 Essential Caregiver members to help with their loved ones. Yes, we are still plowing through our day. And yes, we are still waiting on your favorite recipes and some more snail mail.

Resident spotlight of the month

Iris Shepard is our resident of the month. Iris was born Iris Linnell on July 8th, 1929 in Mineral Center, right out by Mt. Maud. She attended Cloverdale School, between Hovland and Mineral Center and grew up in Cloverdale.

Playing dolls and helping with all the livestock on the homestead were things she loved to do. They had cows, hogs, and always chickens. 

Iris’s family moved to Grand Marais when she was in the 8th grade, she thinks.  The school in Cloverdale closed so everyone moved out. Her dad got work in Grand Marais. Iris felt sad about it because she missed all my many friends, and cousins that she grew up with. It was also difficult fitting in with all the new kids.

She actually had eleven brothers and sisters, but was adopted by her aunt and uncle, so Iris was raised as an only child.

Iris met her husband Lawerence at the dance hall in Hovland. There were dances there and at the Covill town hall at least once a month. They got married on April 19, 1947 in Duluth, MN. They had a pastor friend in Duluth so they went down there and got married. To celebrate they had a big dance at the Colvill town hall. Dolly, Bud, and Bernie Linnell all played music.

Iris and Lawerence had 5 children-Larry, Gary, Kelly, Kathy and Gail. They always had a big garden and canned a lot of vegetables. Iris liked to knit and crochet. She also sewed a lot of her children’s clothing. Traveling and going out to eat were two of Iris’s favorite things to do. Iris and Lawerence traveled all around the United States and enjoyed every minute of it. Iris said they had a very good marriage and she misses him terribly.

Iris drove the East End mail route for a while. While doing this she made many friends. I asked Iris if there ever was a day that there was too much snow or it was too cold, etc. to deliver mail and she said, “Never!” The mail must go through! Iris’ advice for young people are to have patience and don’t jump up and get mad because something isn’t right. Persevere.

Iris has a buddy, Margot who has been a special friend. Margot is a sweet young lady who thinks of others all the time. She is the granddaughter of Printha and Norman Moe. She asked who she could share herself with and I suggested Iris. Margot has had her Girl Scout troop and family make things for the Care Center such as sun catchers, bracelets, wooden birds, and ornaments. Margot has also helped out with Bingo and the Pass the Pickle game. Margot even crafted our fancy pickle hat. Margot has become a pen pal with Iris. It’s so great to see young people reach out to our elderly.

According to “The Perk” September 7th which was National Neither Snow Nor Rain Day there is nothing like getting good old fashioned “snail mail”. The very first post office in colonial America was established in 1639 in a Boston home. It is said that as many days as there are in the whole journey, so many are the men and horses that stand along the road, each horse and man at the interval of a day’s journey: and these stayed neither by snow nor rain nor heat nor darkness from accomplishing their appointed course with all speed. We have come a long way since horse men carried our mail. Speaking of receiving snail mail we could sure use some more letters or pictures for our residents. We do so much enjoy getting mail.

We are still looking for family favorite recipes.  Do any of you have a recipe you would like to share with us? Now that it’s getting cooler out and people are harvesting their bounty just maybe some tried and true recipes are being whipped up and you would be willing to share those delicious recipes with us. 

 We have been busy playing Hall Way Bingo twice a week, Lucky 7, Hangman, soaking up the last of the warm sun on the patio, enjoying our Happy Hour snacks, and learning Perk facts. We had delicious cream filled donuts on National Donut Day from World’s Best. And yes they were. We have also been enjoying patio and indoor visits with our friends and family, dog visits, Essential Caregiver visits, FaceTime and Skyping. 

Fern Lovaas and Howard McKenzie were birthday celebrants this month.  We all enjoyed cupcakes with homemade buttercream frosting for the big event. Things just aren’t the same without all the fanfare for parties, but we are making the best out of it. 

Ray Sjoberg, a sweet friend, passed away this month. He was well loved in our community. He was a frequent visitor at North Shore Living assisting his wife Eleanor with Bingo and daily card games. He always had a smile and a twinkle in his eye. He will be greatly missed. 


As of September 21rst indoor visits with family and friends have begun. You can make an appointment by calling 218-387-3040 ex. 0. Visits start at 10 am and go through 6 pm with no visits over meal times. Up to 5 people can visit at a time. The same rules as our previous outdoor visits apply. Indoor visits are in our Multi-purpose room close to the reception area. You can also visit a resident by Skype, FaceTime or Zoom. Contact the Activity Department to set up a time to visit face to face with your loved one at 218-387-3518

At this time, we continue to limit visitors inside the Care Center doors (North Shore Living) to all but essential healthcare personnel, and designated essential caregivers.  This policy is based on the current guidance from the CDC, CMS and MDH.  We will refine and update our policy as more information becomes available and as guidelines change.  If you have questions regarding our visitation policy, please contact Amy James at 218-387-3282; Robert McGregor at 218-387-3799 or Kimber Wraalstad at 218-387-3260, or you may call the Ombudsman for Long-Term Care at 651-431-2555 or 1-800-657-3591.

Thank you to all of you who have given your time and energy to making North Shore Living a loving place to call home. We’ve received a lot of beautiful flowers, Perk prizes and Bingo candy. Thank you to staff who help our residents get to much needed family visits and to staff who make the residents feel loved and well cared for. We truly have a great place for our residents to shine.

To our volunteers we miss you and hope you are doing well.

Until next month be kind and unwind.

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