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Tourists keep Canal Park busy during Labor Day weekend

Sep 07, 2020 05:45AM ● By Editor

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Photo: WDIO-TV

From WDIO-TV - September 6, 2020

Labor Day weekend is in full swing and a lot of tourists chose the Northland as their destination to enjoy the holiday. Canal Park has been very busy as local businesses and restaurants keep up with tourists who are taking advantage of the last days of summer.

"With covid going on, we were looking for the best way to get our kids outside and I think Duluth gives us the best opportunity to find beautiful areas to visit and attractions to take without being inside and cooped up," said Breanna Hillman of Monticello, who was out with her family enjoying Canal Park on Sunday.

Hillman said the trip to Duluth is a fun last getaway before her two boys start school.

"Duluth has been a breath of fresh air for us since we've been here. We always come to the chocolate factory and we like their caramel apples," said Hillman.

"It's really beautiful here and it's not too cold or too hot," said Ngan Tran, a tourist from Brooklyn Park.

What many didn't expect is how busy Canal Park would be. It's the first Labor Day weekend with COVID-19 so it was busier than usual with more and more people wanting to get out of the house after being cooped up at home to enjoy the last bit of summer.

"People are taking good precautions. Even restaurants have very good rules and policies but then when you're outside you're able to be free and I think everyone has been super respectful," said Hillman.

More people means more lines everywhere. People were waiting for a while to find parking spots in packed parking lots and waiting in long lines to get in local restaurants like Little Angie's and Grandma's.

The long lines and busy streets didn't stop folks from having fun. Tran visited Duluth for the first time with her family.

"Because of Labor Day my parents just want me to go somewhere before school starts," said Tran.

The family came to Duluth to enjoy the scenery of the Aerial Lift Bridge, lighthouse and also explore some of the museums. Tran said it has been the perfect spot to spend her last days of summer before starting school.

"Since my school starts next week since it's delayed I'm pretty excited to be here!" said Tran.

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