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City Pages reports on Black Lives Matter sign vandalism on the Gunflint Trail

Jul 21, 2020 09:59AM ● By Editor
According to the Cook County Sheriff Deputy's report, one of the vandals wanted to "send a message" by tampering with the sign.  Photo:  Facebook

From Boreal Community Media - July 21, 2020

In a lengthy article published Monday, reporter Hannah Jones of Twin Cities based City Pages chronicled the reports of vandalism of Black Lives Matter signs on the Gunflint Trail,  including images from a security camera placed by Big Bear Lodge owner Andy DeLisi.

According to the article, "DeLisi also posted the photos on his Facebook page, where they blew up and got shared nearly 500 times by the end of the week – to say nothing of various reposts on Twitter. A few commenters said they recognized the pair as Tom and Linda Bergerson from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, who happened to be staying at a nearby resort.

According to the report, the deputy found the pale pink car parked at the place in question and confirmed it belonged to a “Tom and Linda.” Then the deputy approached them for a quick chat."

Jones' report continued: 

"The deputy reportedly reminded Linda that the sign “was not her property” and therefore she should leave it alone or risk prosecution, and the couple allegedly agreed not to go back. The deputy reported back to DeLisi, and just like that, the case was pretty much closed.

Well, almost. Despite Linda reportedly wanting to “send a message,” it seemed the pair weren’t exactly pleased with their newfound attention. Later that afternoon, the report says, Tom called up the deputy and told him someone “from the radio” had called asking about the vandalized sign. He didn’t want to talk to the radio, he said.

“I told him people are very sensitive to this topic right now, and word spreads fast up here,” the deputy wrote."

Here is DeLisi's Facebook post in its entirety.

To read the original article in City Pages, follow this link.

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