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Topic of the Month: Racism & the Social Determinants of Health

Jul 06, 2020 03:13PM ● By Editor
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ly's Topic of the Month from Sawtooth Mountain Clinic & Cook County Public Health and Human Services - July 6, 2020

We can think about racism in many different ways, one of which is as a contagion that weakens our society and has created an ongoing public health crisis. While the fundamentals of good health seem simple (a well-balanced diet, physical activity, no commercial tobacco, enough sleep, supportive relationships, and not too much stress), the decisions we make about those health essentials don’t happen in a vacuum. Our choices are impacted by the social, economic, political, and environmental factors that surround us. Our decisions are influenced by the Social Determinants of Health.

In July's Topic of the Month, we discuss:
  • How your local neighborhood, jobs, schools, grocery stores, and medical clinics can either support or shut down your health decisions,
  • What "Coming to Terms" with racism means, 
  • Learning the language of anti-racism.
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