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Unified message on economic re-opening from Chamber Board

Jun 11, 2020 09:55AM ● By Editor
From the Cook County Chamber of Commerce - June 11, 2020

The Cook County Chamber of Commerce welcomes our visitors to enjoy a safe and respectful return to our community as we re-open for business.  We encourage local businesses to re-open, in their own time, when plans and staff are ready. 

Thank you, business owners, for your compliance with the Cook County Travel Advisory, as we worked together to create a new way of providing hospitality in this time of COVID-19.  Local government, business and health care leaders have been diligently preparing Best Practices for the physical, mental, and financial health of all residents and guests.  Our small businesses are creative and thoughtful, with the goal of keeping our community safe while ensuring their own viability and providing income to their employees. 

Businesses are opening carefully and with new precautions.  We have an economic need to prevent widespread personal and business bankruptcies.  Everyone should take the precautions that they feel are appropriate given their age and health in their own conduct and to avoid contact with others who may be more vulnerable.   With respect to age and health, everyone should take the precautions and conduct themselves in ways to avoid contact with others who may be more vulnerable. 

Special thanks to our health care and public health professionals who have provided great insight and guidance to the private sector.

Based on economic data and formulas provided by Explore MN Tourism the overall economy of Cook County, when virtually closed in the month of April, lost $191,666 per day.  These losses impacted businesses in lodging, dining, shopping, transportation, and recreation.  In May, the losses were $383,064 per day.  If we continued in this way through June, the losses rise to $762,500 per day.  If we continue to be closed in July and August, the losses would be over $1,000,000 per day.  These figures represent only the new money coming into Cook County; the amounts that visitors spend when they travel here and open their wallets.  After those new dollars come into the economy, they are multiplied when local businesses and their employees buy products and services from other local businesses.

We encourage all businesses to re-open in compliance with Best Practices for their unique operations.  The Guide created by Visit Cook County, with support of health care and public health leaders can be found online at:

With the Governor’s lifting of the Stay at Home and transitioning to the Stay Safe MN order, we must work together to preserve and protect the privilege.  If necessary, we will comply with turning back the dial.  With hard work and carefully following the protocols of Best Practices, we can continue to move forward in a good way.  

Jim Boyd
Executive Director
Cook County Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 805 15 North Broadway
Grand Marais, MN 55604
218-387-2079 (office)
218-387-2466 (home)
218-370-9665 (cell)