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Grand Marais Art Colony June Newsletter

Jun 02, 2020 11:22AM ● By Editor
In 2018, Jonathan Herrera Soto created a hand-cut stencil depicting mass graves interwoven with images of the North Shore landscape. Image:

From the Grand Marais Art Colony - June 2, 2020

Dear Friends,

Each hour, day, and week seems to bring new realities for all of us.

As we read the news and stand in solidarity with communities in the Twin Cities (and elsewhere) where there are cries of righteous rage, fear and grief, we think about those artists we have worked with, who have spoken for justice.

We think of Jonathan Herrera Soto, our 2018 invited artist-in-resident, who explores various relationships between collective memory and historical instances of state-sponsored violence and trauma inflicted on politicized bodies, and about the effect that his project had on our community.

We think of Charles Matson Lume, who was with us in 2016, and whose work uses light and common, temporary materials to awaken viewers to a sense of aliveness to the very present moment. 

We think of our colleagues at Springboard for the Arts and Juxtaposition Arts, whose buildings have sustained damage over this last week. The community leader that they are, Springboard pivoted and yesterday, coordinated the distribution of food and supplies at their location.

We want to encourage all of you that good efforts like this, whether small or large, are so necessary right now. Whether you are able to support a Twin Cities neighborhood by helping to clean up, or you show up for a peaceful protest outside of Java Moose Coffee in Grand Marais, you are witnessing to a compassionate society and to an ethic of life. 

And, at the Art Colony, we recognize that the community work we support is all the more vital and essential. 

We are working to re-open our medium-specific studios to allow artists who rely on their artwork for their livelihood to return to work. 

We had the privilege of helping to award $63,000 of mini-grants to Cook County artists, crafters, and musicians, as part of a large donation from an anonymous funder, plus a handful of other contributions. Thank you to Arrowhead Regional Arts Council and the Cook County Economic Development Agency for their logistical expertise. 

While we will resume our Virtual Project: New Cartographies, we will pause our actions this week by way of lamenting the tragedies in our state and nation. 

We thank you for your engagement as we continue to support the livelihoods and work of artists, those on the North Shore, and those who are connected with us across the country. 

We truly are all in this together.

In Deep Gratitude,

Ruth Pszwaro and Lyla Brown 

Recognizing Injustice

In 2018, Jonathan Herrera Soto created a hand-cut stencil depicting mass graves interwoven with images of the North Shore landscape.

Awakening Us To Life

Charles Matson Lume's 2016 installation from his Minnesota State Arts Board funded project, The Limits of Knowledge (for William Bronk).

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