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Suspense, adventure in new novel set on Rainy Lake

May 31, 2020 07:24AM ● By Editor

From the International Falls Journal - May 30, 2020

Janet Kay's 15-year love affair with Rainy and Kabetogama lakes has resulted in a sequel 10 years in the making.

"Rainy Lake Rendezvous," described as a psychological suspense/wilderness adventure novel, is a squeal to Kay's debut novel, "Waters of the Dancing Sky."

Kay, who lives and writes on a lake in the woods of northwest Wisconsin, said she first experienced Borderland about 15 years ago while doing research. She said she was looking for the perfect place to set her first novel, and needed a wilderness lake with islands, Ojibwe history, and a special place that readers would love.

"I stumbled across Rainy Lake and Kettle Falls and was intrigued," she told The Journal. "Then I found an ad from Mike Williams offering historical boat tours of Kettle Falls. I couldn't believe my luck. Mike became my historical tour guide and good friend."

"I fell in love with Rainy Lake, Ranier, Kettle Falls, I Falls and Lake Kabetogama the moment I first saw them. I've been coming up every summer since then and have made a number of good friends here. Ranier Days and a trip to Kettle Falls are highlights of my summers."

Kay's sequel is an intriguing tale of love, lies, and family secrets – with a supernatural twist, a news release said.

"My readers have been asking for a sequel for 10 years now," she said. "Finally, 'Rainy Lake Rendezvous' is out. Many thanks to all who kept encouraging me to do this."

The novels set on Rainy Lake cross multiple genres: wilderness adventure, psychological suspense, family secrets and discord, with a supernatural element, Kay said.

"I love to blend in Ojibwe culture and beliefs," she said. "In the end, I hope my readers will expand their horizons, learn to understand others better, and find a renewed sense of hope."

Making a positive difference in even just one of here reader's lives is important to Kay, she said.

William Kent Krueger, New York Times bestselling author of "Ordinary Grace" and "This Tender Land" commented: “'Rainy Lake Rendezvous' is a tale that begins with obsession and madness but becomes, in the end, a journey with something quite different in mind. Janet Kay offers readers a rich tapestry of intrigue, history, Ojibwe lore and culture, and even of ghosts, set against the stunning backdrop of the border country between Minnesota and Canada. If you’re in search of a true taste of the north country and a diverting tale to take you there, then look no further. Rainy Lake Rendezvous is the perfect ticket.”

Kay's website is at Her novels are available at, independent bookstores and shops.

The Story

Determined to reclaim Beth, the ex-wife whom he divorced 10 years ago, Rob leaves behind his former identity as a prominent Chicago attorney. He embarks upon a secretive mission to rescue her from the man whom he believes is holding her hostage. Together, he and Beth will begin a new life in a remote cabin in the Canadian wilderness.

But Beth has finally found peace and is no longer living in fear of her delusional ex-husband. She is happily remarried to an Ojibwe artist who honors his ancestors’ cultural beliefs and traditions. They live on a wilderness island on Rainy Lake. Together, they are raising 10-year-old Jason.

Jason’s idyllic childhood takes an unexpected turn when he awakens from a dream to find himself on a bizarre wilderness adventure with a stranger – accompanied by a spirit from beyond this world. This transformational journey, filled with twists and turns, leads to the discovery of long-held family secrets that will change all of their lives forever.

"Can they let go of the past, learn to forgive, and move into an uncertain future?" asks a news release.

To read the original article and see related stories, follow this link to the International Falls Journal.

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