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DNR: Beaver management simplified

May 28, 2020 11:44AM ● By Editor
From the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources - May 27, 2020

During spring beavers become more active, and the Department of Natural Resources reminds landowners, renters and land managers that recent law changes have simplified beaver management in Minnesota.

Removal of a beaver dam causing damage no longer requires a permit if the course, current or cross-section of the waterway is not changed. If removal of a beaver dam changes the waterway, a public waters work permit from a DNR hydrologist is still required.  

Beavers causing damage on private property may be removed without a permit by landowners, renters or an authorized agent. Government entities and road authorities only need a permit to remove beavers if the removal occurs two weeks before or after the beaver trapping season or within the season if removal is done by an unlicensed trapper. Additional requirements and more information are available on the DNR website.