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Grocery assistance available from Care Partners

May 06, 2020 04:29PM ● By Editor

From the Cook County Statewide Health Improvement Partnership Coordinator - May 6, 2020

This is a difficult time in our community, as well as around the world.  Care Partners and the Statewide Health Improvement Partnership are collaborating in providing Care Partners volunteers who can help elders in our community with grocery assistance.  The volunteer will connect with elders over the phone to assure their grocery needs are met.  Available resources also include printed photographs of the grocery store shelves and copies of grocery list templates to make planning easier, and assistance it picking up groceries or organizing delivery.  If you are an elder in our community that would like assistance navigating the current grocery system, please contact Care Partners.

Our goal is that all elders in Cook County and those with health risks stay safe at home and get the food they need.  If you are not over 60 but need assistance navigating the current grocery system, please contact Andrea Orest, SHIP Coordinator, for assistance.

If you are interested in becoming a Care Partners volunteer, please contact Care Partners.

A pdf of the Care Partners flyer is attached to this article

Care Partners: 218-387-3788
Andrea Orest, SHIP Coordinator: 218-387-2330 extension 110