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Topic of the Month - How Can I Help?

Apr 01, 2020 03:15PM ● By Editor
From Sawtooth Mountain Clinic and Cook County Public Health and Human Services - April 1, 2020

When facing a crisis, we know that we weather the storm best when we eat healthy food, get good rest, and stay physically active.

There’s something else that can help you stay strong when times are tough:  helping others.

In April's "Topic of the Month" you'll find:

  • The ways in which helping others benefits you as well.
  • Tips on making sure there's a good fit between the gifts you have to give and what someone else needs.
  • A "menu" of resources that will help you make sure your batteries are fully charged so that you can plug in to help others!

Click here to read this month's issue.  Then, click here to browse around the past issues.  They cover a wide variety of topics - feel free to share!

A copy of this month's report is also attached to this article.