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Cook County School ISD166 COVID-19 Distance Learning Plan

Mar 26, 2020 03:40PM ● By Editor
March 26, 2020

Cook County School ISD166

COVID-19 Distance Learning Plan

Beginning on Monday, March 30, all students in grades PreK-12 will receive daily instruction through our COVID-19 Distance Learning Model.

What is Distance Learning?

Distance learning is when students are learning in an environment that is different from the onsite school classroom. It involves planned online and teacher-prepared lessons that students complete on their own. Cook County Schools understands that a continuation of learning can take place and that students can grow in the academic areas as well as their self-sufficiency, adaptability and perseverance skills.



Sawtooth Mountain Elementary

  • Check out your Teacher’s Distance Learning folder to see what the week’s lesson plans will be.

  • Weekly learning packets and tools will be available on Mondays from 10:30- 12:00 each week for pickup at the established community hubs. 

    • Grand Portage Community Center

    • Hovland Town Hall

    • Lutsen - Clearview

    • Tofte - Bluefin Grille Parking Lot

    • Old Airstrip near Skyport

    • Gunflint at Trail Center

    • Murmur Creek and Pike Lake Rd Intersection

    • Cook County Schools

  • Work through the learning lessons throughout the week, pacing yourself.

Cook County Middle/High School

  • Check out your Teacher’s Distant Learning Folder to see what the week’s lesson plans will be.

  • Let your teacher know if you need access to their Google Classroom, the district’s online learning platform.

  • Be sure that you have the supplies that are needed to complete the distant learning and communicate needs to your teachers for support.

  • Check in with each of your teachers on the day that you have their class. 

  • All assignments will be posted by 8:00am on Mondays, each week, and will have clear due dates.

  • Contact your teacher if you have questions.

  • Teachers will be understanding with extenuating situations AND will have expectations that students will complete the learning/work in a timely manner that has been developed.

  • Complete your assignments on or before the due date and time.

  • Students with disabilities, as required under Chapter 125A, will have assignments designed to meet the needs of IEP/504 plans.  


  • Sign-Up for daily meals by Mondays at 8:00 am by using the email [email protected] for the week. Include the names of the students, address of the delivery, number of lunches, and a phone number.

  • Familiarize yourself with the Distance Learning folder of your child/children’s teacher(s).

  • Parents should visit with their child’s teachers regarding the expectation on Distance Learning.  Families are asked to call the teacher if they do not have Internet access at home since Google Classroom and completion of regular 6-12 assignments will require Internet access by the student.

  • Parents of students in grades 6-12 are encouraged to access Infinite Campus through the parent portal.  Parents are welcome to contact the school for help in setting up their parent account.

  • Parents, along with teachers and students, are asked to remember that online learning days are designed to be flexible. Our goal is to continue the learning process and work through concepts to keep students ready for the future.

  • Parents should contact teachers directly with any questions, concerns or frustrations they may have regarding Distance Learning assignments.


  • Elementary teachers will connect individually with families daily. If a contact is not made after three days, the teacher will contact the office staff, Principal, and Social Worker to support the family.

  • Create instruction that can be delivered virtually and/or completed at home as a continuation of the classroom activities. Work hard to make authentic lessons for distance learning.

  • Teachers will need to have a week’s worth of work to be ready to post on March 30th if we need to have distance learning start.

  • Daily contact will be required by the teacher with all of the students/families

  • Lessons and assignments will be required to be posted on Mondays by 8:00 am each week.

  • Grading will be completed each week and posted to Infinite Campus within one week of its due day or a week after it is received.

  • Teachers will be required to post office hours and ways students and families can reach out for questions and help.

  • Teachers will be required to take attendance daily or per block class daily.

  • Teachers will be receiving voicemails via email and have the option to forward phone calls to their personal phones from their school extension.


  • Communication of Planning.

    • Public, Families, Staff, and Community

  • Support teachers and staff.

  • Continually check on lesson plans and distance learning delivery systems of teachers.

  • Work with the different school departments to arrange for meal deliveries, child care and communication.

  • Be available to answer questions, find solutions and support stakeholders.


  • Support teachers in different capacities.

  • Assist bus drivers in the delivery of meals and academic work to students.

  • Help in different departments of the school.

  • Support Tier 1 and Tier 2 child care. 

Kitchen Staff

  • Create meals to be delivered to students and families that have pre-order the breakfast and lunch in grab-and-go bags.

  • The breakfast/lunch to-go bags will be delivered daily to the different hub stations for families that have sent in a request email to [email protected].

    • 10:30-12:00

    • Grand Portage Community Center

    • Hovland Town Hall

    • Lutsen

    • Tofte - Near Holiday/hotel area

    • Old Airstrip near Skyport

    • Gunflint at Trail Center

    • Cook County Schools front entrance

Building and Grounds

  •  Continue to sanitize and keep our school and grounds clean and safe.

Bus Drivers

  • Support students by delivering meals and educational materials to different community hubs.

    • 10:30-12:00

    • Grand Portage Community Center, Hovland Town Hall, Lutsen, Tofte - Near Holiday/hotel area, Old Airstrip near Skyport, Gunflint at Trail Center, Cook County Schools

  •  Sanitize buses daily.

Child Care

Tier 1: Healthcare personnel, Full-time Emergency Medical Services personnel, Law Enforcement personnel, Firefighter personnel, Correctional Facility staff, Public Health personnel and Full-time Court Personnel

Tier 2: Educators, Child care workers, MnDOT employees, State and Local IT personnel, Substance Disorder Treatment personnel, Medical examiners, Activated National Guard, Water treatment/Wastewater personnel, Day-to-Day Operations for Gas and Electric Utilities, Food Distribution workers, Public Works employees, Solid Waste Management employees, Infectious and Hazardous Waste Management personnel, Shelter staff and Outreach workers, and Telecommunication Network Operations employees.


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