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Video: New Signs Helping Snowmobilers in Itasca County

Feb 08, 2020 07:31AM ● By Editor

Watch the WDIO-TV Report here

The Itasca Driftskippers are proud of new signs on their trails to help people find their way.  Photo: WDIO

From WDIO-TV - February 7, 2020

Riding the trail is treasured winter hobby for many in the Northland. But getting lost, is never the plan. "We ended up riding 175 miles. And not on purpose," shared LuAnn Winterhalter. She and her husband, Erwin, are from Montrose. They had that problem a few weeks ago.

But they were pleased to see the new signs that the Itasca Driftskippers had put out this year in the Grand Rapids area. They include a map and other important information, like exactly where you are, and where you can go next.

"These signs should last another generation. They are highway quality, reflective, and get the job done," explained Rusty Eichorn. He's the president of the Driftskippers. He got the idea from a club in Iowa, and the Driftskippers decided to make new signage a priority this season.

There are around 44 new signs out on the trails. A man who's seen all of them, is Doug Lord. He's known as "The Groomer Dude," around these parts.

"We've needed to update our signs for awhile now. The original signs that are on the trail for about 20 years now," Lord said.

His advice for those on the trail? Remember to slow down when you see a groomer, and wait for them to acknowledge you before you try and pass. 

The signs should make for a safer passage out there, too.

"We've had numerous clubs contact us, and I hope this is a template for other places," added Eichorn.

The cost of the signs was around $2800, plus there was the man hours of putting them up. But Eichorn said that there is grant money that clubs can apply for, to cover the costs.

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