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Person First Day at Cook County Schools

Jan 15, 2020 01:55PM ● By Editor
Photos submitted by Melissa Oberg

From Boreal Community Media - January 15, 2020

Cook County Unified Club was proud to bring Person First Day to Cook County Schools. Students preschool through high school had the opportunity on Wednesday, January 15th to take a pledge to use Person First Language by leaving their thumbprint on a banner that reads #SpeakKindness. The thumbprint symbolizes that we are each a person first, before any type of label. 

 Person First Language is a day to educate others on how to honor each other with our language. Person First Language eliminates generalizations and assumptions by putting the person before the disability. Person First Language is saying “a person with a disability” instead of “disabled person”. 

1 of 5 individuals has a disability. Their contributions and perspectives enrich our community and society. Person First Language is about giving everyone a voice and highlighting what each of us can do. 

If you would like to learn more about Person First Day, check out : or join the conversation on Instagram @prsnfrst . You can find more information about Cook County Unified Club on their Facebook Page.