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Sugar & Sugar Substitutes - January's Topic of the Month

Jan 02, 2020 10:55AM ● By Editor
From Sawtooth Mountain Clinic and Cook County Public Health and Human Services - January 2, 2019

Sugar.  By any other name, would it taste as sweet?

Sugar… What a love/hate relationship we humans have with you! 
Our first food, breast milk, is sweet, and we’re hard-wired to seek you out in other foods. You go by dozens of aliases and then hide in places that we never think to look.
But we’re on to you. 
Check out January's Topic of the Month to learn more about:
  • the 61 different names that sugar goes by,
  • how sugar can be toxic to your liver,
  • 3 steps to decreasing sugar in your diet,
  • the pros and cons of artificial sweeteners.
Click here to read this month's issue.  Then, click here to browse around the past issues.  They cover a wide variety of topics - feel free to share!

Or you can access this month's issue in the attached PDF.
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