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Underwater pictures capture toppled iconic sea stack

Dec 02, 2019 06:05AM ● By Editor
Photo:  Christian Dalbec

By Kevin Jacobsen of CBS 3 Duluth - December 4, 2019

Pictures snapped by a North Shore photographer show the aftermath of this weekend's storm on the iconic sea stack at Minnesota's Tettegouche State Park. 

Powerful waves toppled the natural landmark sometime overnight Saturday. Word spread quickly and photographers from near and far have began paying tribute to the rock stack on social media.

Photo: Dustin LaVigne

"It's not gone. You just cant see it without diving under water."

Christian Dalbec of Two Harbors, known for his underwater photography, dove into Lake Superior Monday for an up close look at what is now nothing more than a pile of rocks.

Photo: Christian Dalbec

"The waves were still pumping over the base where she once stood 20 foot from the surface before the storm took it down Sunday early in the morning," Dalbec wrote in a Facebook post. 

Dalbec says he was surprised by what he saw. 

"Even knowing it's gone, walking to the clearing where you would see it, felt alarming to be missing something so big," Dalbec said.

Once in the water, Dalbec expected to see more of the sea stack underwater.

"It was shattered into so many rocks about eight feet underwater."

Dalbec says he's planning another dive when the water is more clear to get better pictures.

In August of 2010, the same landmark gained attention after a sea arch connected to the rock pillar collapsed. 

Photographer Christian Dalbec snapped several pictures of the remnants of the iconic sea stack.

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