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Video: Spectators React to Seeing Power of Lake Superior

Nov 28, 2019 05:34AM ● By Editor
Photo: WDIO-TV

By Ryan Juntti of WDIO-TV - November 27, 2019

The Gales of November returned as another storm impacted Canal Park. 

"I could hear it all night while I was shoveling, so I figured they (waves) gotta be pretty big," said Andrew Myers, a night auditor at Park Point Marina Inn.

Towering waves crashed onto the shore and skipped along the rocks near the Lakewalk, but Myers says he's seen bigger.

"Oh, they're not as big as I've seen, but there are definitely caps. As I was walking over there, I got my shoes pretty wet walking in the slush," said Myers.

For those who aren't as used to seeing them, no matter how big they are, they are always a spectacle.

"They're the biggest waves I've seen on Lake Superior for a long time," said Celia Fay of Minneapolis. "It's cool because it's hitting the rocks super hard," she added.

This is the sixth storm in the last two years to create huge waves. The storm last month caused flooding in Canal Park. That storm was also the first test for a newly reconstructed portion of the Lakewalk, and it appears as though it also held up this time.

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