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Vaccines FAQ - October's Topic of the Month

Oct 03, 2019 06:40PM ● By Editor

From Sawtooth Mountain Clinic and Cook County Public Health and Human Services - October 3, 2019

Vaccines are the Clark Kent of health care.

Unassuming, quiet, not super sexy... But when the bad guys
start causing problems, they're powerful allies.

October's Topic of the Month is a primer on vaccines:  

  • their importance
  • how they work
  • safety
  • what's in them
  • why they're sometimes combined.

Also in this month's TOM, important tips on how to tell good health information from bad.  (..and that can certainly be a challenge in today's world!) 
Luckily, asking the right questions and watching for a few red flags will help you filter out inaccurate information and focus on information that's trustworthy.   

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