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Big Names Running 2020 Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon

Sep 30, 2019 08:18PM ● By Editor

Photo: WDIO-TV file

By Baihly Warfield of WDIO-TV - September 30, 2019

When the howling dogs take off for the 2020 John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon, some big names will be among the pack. 

Dallas Seavey of Alaska is the youngest musher to win the Iditarod. The Seavey family is well known in the Alaskan mushing community. Seavey will come down to the Lower 48 to run the Beargrease next year. 

Ryan Redington of Alaska is returning for his fourth Beargrease. Local husband and wife duo Blake and Jennifer Freking are also both registered for the full marathon. In 2019, Blake took first and Jen second. 

Rookies Lisa Dietzen and Kevin Mathis are planning to run their first full-distance Beargrease. 

The race begins Sunday, Jan. 26, 2020. 

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