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Meet Diane Stoddard from Cook County Schools

Sep 23, 2019 01:37PM ● By Editor

Photo:  Boreal Community Media 

From Boreal Community Media - September 23, 2019

Diane Stoddard works in the MS/HS Media Center at Cook County Schools.  This is a new role for her this year.  Diane's cheerful voice can be heard greeting the students as they get off the bus in the morning, and calling them each by name as they pass in the hallway throughout the day between classes.  

According to Diane, her favorite part of living in Cook County is her love for the community of people – so many different backgrounds . . . so many different stories . . . . so many different walks of life . . . but able to come together and live peacefully – it has been and continues to be a wonderful place to raise her family.

What surprising fact about Diane may surprise people?  

She has been in a number of shows with the Grand Marais Playhouse and she loves to make people laugh.  She does not get nervous before a show . . . but put her in a room with just a handful of people that she needs to chit chat with and her heart races, palms sweat, and she get butterflies in my stomach!

Diane has been blessed with 2 amazing children and 1 aloof cat. M graduated from Reed College last year with a degree in Linguistics and is looking to go on to get their PhD. Abigail is a junior at Cook County High School. She is involved in dance, theater, and cross country running. They all love the theater and have been in shows together – which is an absolutely wonderful experience! Diane also loves books (not digital books). Reading a book in front of the fire with my cat curled up on my lap is her favorite way to end the day.

Best part of your workday?  

As funny as it may sound, I really enjoyed getting the books organized! But now that it’s finished . . . my favorite part of the day is all of the interactions with the students! Greeting them as they come to school, helping them in the Media Center, bidding them a fond adieu at the end of the day . . . the students are the best part of my day!