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Lloyd K. Johnson Foundation recognizes Boreal's Technology Internship program

Aug 01, 2019 07:48AM ● By Editor
Tristan Surbaugh (left) and David Blackburn are the current Boreal Community Media Student Technology Interns.  Photo:  Boreal Commuity  Media

From Boreal Community Media - August 1, 2019

Boreal Community Media deeply thanks the Lloyd K. Johnson for their second annual support of our Student Technology Internship program and for highlighting our student interns in the Foundation's annual report issued on August 1, 2019.

"Its so gratifying to win the support of the Lloyd K. Johnson Foundation both through their generous financial contributions and now, public recognition of our interns' efforts," said Lisa Bauer, Executive Director of Boreal Community Media, "I have watched the interns bring their knowledge, creativity and energy to the Cook County community and I know that the entire community has been enriched by this remarkable program.  And the benefits of this experience will stay with these students for a lifetime"

In its Annual Report, the Lloyd K. Johnson Foundation describes the Boreal Technology Student Intern program by saying :

"In 2018, the organization launched a new internship program through a $25,000 grant from the Foundation. The internship program provides high school students with the opportunity for hands-on, real-workplace experience that will further their education, skillsets, and potentially future careers. In addition to the workplace learning experiences, interns offered technical assistance to community members at various tech night events – a win/win experience for all!"

 The interns help community members troubleshoot their technology devices at one of Boreal Community Media's Free Tech Events.  Photo:  Boreal Community Media

"Boreal Community Media thanks all in the Cook County community for their enthusiasm, kind words and additional financial support for our student technology internship program," said Bauer.

Boreal Community Media will kick off its inaugural Student Technology Book Camp next week with a full class of students eager to learn the skills and ins and outs of careers in technology. Boreal thanks its partners at Cook County ISD 166, Cook County Higher Education and especially two community members who made private donations to make the Technology Camp possible.

To read more about all of the Cook County organizations funded by the Lloyd K. Johnson Foundation and the good work those organizations are doing to make a difference in our communities, follow this link the the LKJ Annual Report.

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