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Great Lakes Conservation Corps encourages picking up fireworks debris

Jul 03, 2019 01:45PM ● By Editor
By Jerry Tudor of WLUC-TV - July 3, 2019

One major part of the Fourth of July celebrations are the fireworks displays, and many happen over bodies of water. What is the impact of the falling debris on the water and environment?

Photo:  WLUC-TV

Groups like the Great Lakes Conservation Corps (GLCC) work to make sure the lakes and beaches stay as clean as possible. They say the debris from fireworks lands in the water and eventually can wash up on shore.

"It'd be great if we could have some people try to clean it up. If they find any kind of debris washing up on the shore to pick it up so that kids aren't playing with it, dogs aren't chewing it up and getting it into their system. It's real bad for the beaches," said GLCC Crew Member, Cullen Bothwell.

The group also says you should always pick up after camping or spending time outdoors. The GLCC has projects all around the Great Lakes including protecting coastal habitats and restoring wetlands and streams.

Watch the WLUC-TV Report here

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