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Arrowhead Cooperative Hires John Twiest as CEO/General Manager

Jul 03, 2019 07:42AM ● By Editor
The Board of Directors is thrilled to announce that John Twiest has been selected as the new CEO/General Manager of Arrowhead Cooperative. John is a 4th generation resident
of Cook County.

After graduating from Cook County High School, he joined the Navy and served this
great nation for 6 years. John joined the cooperative in October of 2005 as a 3rd year electric apprentice lineman. When the opportunity to work with broadband arose, he raised his hand and took on the new and exciting challenge. Hired as the first Communications Lineman, John identified make-ready issues on the electric system and met with members regarding concerns of the installation of the new fiber optic lines. He worked closely with the engineers to ensure the design and location of the lines and equipment were in the most efficient areas.
In January 2013, he was promoted to Operations/ Outside Plant Manager. Since
then, John has been instrumental in the completion of the fiber to the home project, installation and design of our solar array, implementation of our advanced metering infrastructure, and the
development of a completely new vegetation management plan. John has demonstrated leadership through every step of these complicated and critical projects. He is deeply committed to the Cooperative and the communities we serve. He always says, ”this is my backyard, too!”

In his role as Operations/Outside Plant manager John has developed relationships throughout thecooperative community with his participation in REMA meetings, MREA conferences, and MTA events.  Board President Roger Opp notes that the board was unanimous in their support of John for this role, adding, “We are confident in John’s ability to build on the successes at Arrowhead and to lead the Cooperative to an even brighter future.”

John begins his role as CEO/General Manager on July 1, 2019. He is “humbled and honored” to have the complete backing of the board of directors to lead this Cooperative into the future. John comments, “Our vision of “Connecting the tip of the Arrowhead” has never been more important in the Cooperative’s history. Helping our members and subscribers understand the services and offerings the cooperative provides is a critical step in being an effective cooperative. Educating our members, especially the younger generations, will ensure a strong community and cooperative in the future. The future of the cooperative can be filled with many questions, but an effective communications strategy will help engage and build a strong membership. The cooperative spirit and values will help define a positive future.”

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