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Jared Munch makes his way up the North Shore on the way to Arctic Ocean

Jun 25, 2019 09:16AM ● By Editor
Jared Munch paddles up the North Shore east of Hovland on Tuesday morning.  Photo:  Hella Buchheim, Up North Woods Images.

From Boreal Community Media - June 25, 2019

Jared Munch continues to paddle board trek to the Arctic Ocean.  Munch left Duluth on Monday, June 10 and has been paddling solo up the North Shore, arriving in Grand Marais on June 24.  He resumes his journey on Tuesday and passed by Horseshoe Bay east of Hovland on Tuesday morning.

According to a report on WDIO-TV, Munch says he will ride along the North Shore of Lake Superior and make his way to Michipicoten, Ontario. From that point, he switches from the big lake to paddling up Canadian rivers all the way to James Bay, which is the southermost point of the Arctic Ocean.

All said and done, it'll be roughly 920 miles of paddling over the course of about a month. "Ideally, 30 days, realistically, probably around 40 days," Jared told WDIO-TV.

He's using this extreme paddle ride to raise funds for the Neighborhood Youth Service. His goal is $4,000.

"I got to do every fun outdoor kind of thing that I think kids should get to do, "Jared continued,  "Coming to Duluth and seeing a lot of the kids on the hillside who don't have that readily available to them, it strikes me as something I'm passionate about, and I do want to help chip in so these kids can become involved."

Jared's dad will be joining him on the river once he reaches Michipicoten. He said, "My dad is gonna do all of the downstream action with me and I'll just work my tail off to get to that point."

But the Lake Superior stretch will just be Jared and his board, like it was back in 2015. He expects this trip to go smoother because of the things he learned from the first excursion.

In 2015, Munch circumnavigated Lake Superior on a SUP — the first person to do so. The trip, over 49 days, covered 1,350 miles of the big lake’s 1,800-mile shoreline (he paddled across rather than around some bays) from May 20 to July 29.

You can follow Jared's progress and see his precise current location by following this link.

Read about Jared's journey on his Facebook page.

To listen to an interview with Jared on WTIP on Monday, follow this link.

Watch the WDIO-

Watch the WDIO-TV report on Munch's journey here

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