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Get Outdoors: Preparing for the BWCA from KBJR-TV profiling Seagull Canoe Outfitters

Jun 11, 2019 05:08PM ● By Editor
By Adam Lorch of KBJR-TV - June 11, 2019

Planning a Boundary Waters trip takes time and a lot of packing. There are several outfitters, ready to help you with everything you’ll need in the wilderness.

In this weeks Get Outdoors, Meteorologist Adam Lorch heads up the Gunflint trail to talk to a real camping expert.

Deb Mark, Owner of Seagull Canoe Outfitters, says”This is the 32nd year of owning Seagull outfitters. I grew up on the Gunflint Trail as a kid.”

If you look at a list of people to ask about where to explore in the BWCA, Deb Mark would be at the top.

“I get a feel for what they’re looking for, The make up of the party, their experience level, and then I fit them for what I think is the best route.” said Deb.

Even if you’ve been going to the Boundary Waters for years, there’s still always going to be a new route or lake to explore. And that’s where her knowledge and experience sets them apart.

Deb explains, “But I have a lot of repeat people who have been doing this for many years and they just call me up and say “Deb, what should I do this time?””

Seagull Outfitters does full or partial outfitting trips. They will rent you a canoe, pack the necessities, and even make your meals! But Deb’s favorite meal up there might depend a bit on your skill, or luck.

I ask her, “What’s your favorite camp meal.”  ” Walleye hahaha.” Deb replies.
“That’s a good answer.” I say.

Good food always makes for a good camping trip. But being prepared for the elements is also very important.

Deb said, “The most important piece of equipment that I tell all of my clients is a good rain suit.”

Despite it being a bit wet this time of the year, now is a great time to head into the North Woods.

“Typically in spring time you see more wildlife. In fact, we have a brown bear that’s been roaming around our cabins and going after our bird feeders and stuff. Little quieter this time of the year so you’re able to see more wildlife.” Deb said.

Regardless of how much wildlife you see, the rain or the bugs, you’re bound to have a fun time on a unique adventure.  Deb said, “But the joy I get out of it is fitting people for an experience of a lifetime.”

If you prefer the “Glamping” method, Seagull Canoe Outfitters says they also have cabins to rent.

To see the video version of this report and related reporting, follow this link to the KBJR-TV website.

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