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Cook County Schools Middle School Awards Program

May 31, 2019 09:34AM ● By Editor
From Boreal Community Media - May 31, 2019

The Cook County Middle School Awards Program was held on Friday, May 31st at 8:30 a.m. in the high school gym.  Awards are as follows:

Band and Choir:

Patrick S. Gilmore Band Award: Paul Dorr 

Leonard Bernstein Musicianship Award: MaTaya Fairbanks 

Outstanding Middle School Choir Members: Rachel Dorr, Kylie Viren


“Ms Mila was very impressed with the creative artwork the middle school students came up with this year. Everyone worked hard and it was difficult for her to pick just a few to give awards to.”

“These 6th grade art students showed exceptional creativity, and outstanding work ethic.”

6th Grade Creative Artists: Hattie Crotteau, MaTaya Fairbanks, Cade Smith, Noah Smith

“These seventh grade art students were not only exceptionally creative and worked hard on their own projects, but they also matured throughout the year, were quick to lend a helping hand, and were supportive of others.”

7th Grade Outstanding Artists: Recko Helmerson-Skildum, Selene Lien-Tlaseca, Dannalee Monet, Cooper Wilson

6th Grade Safety: 

Superior Safety: Olivia Jorgenson, Lynicia Lightfeather

7th Grade Creative Writing:

Writer of Great Potential Award: Weston Heeren, Amerg Oberg

Lightning Pen Award: Kalina Dimitrova, Tighe McHugh

Emerging Writer Award: Carissa Bickford, Andrew Hallberg

Wildlife Biology: 

Best Animal Tracker: Kole Anderson

Future Wildlife Biologist:  Cayden Zimmer

Most Likely to Save an Endangered Species: Nalissa Kettleson and Savanna Shepard


Knowledge Bowl 18-19:

Participation: Katie Carpenter, Kalina Dimitrova, Rachel Dorr,  Ray Dressely, Tighe McHugh, J Shannon, Finnley Taylor

Tournament Team: Paul Dorr, Hunter Gomez, Andrew Hallberg, Kyler Hansen, Weston Heeren, Cy Oberholtzer

Robotics Team-MS Members 18-19 :

Kole Anderson, Recko Helmerson-Skildum, Brody Lacina, John Pierre, Haddon Taylor, Cayden Zimmer

Social Studies:

Minnesota Expert: Molly Quello, Noah Smith

U.S. Historian: Elijah Brandt, Andrew Halberg

World Geographer: Paul Dorr, Katie Peck


Highest MCA Reading Scores:

6th: Rachel Dorr and Noah Smith

7th: Kadence Nelson-Moline and Cy Oberholtzer  

8th: Kyler Hansen and Savanna Shepard

Future Poet Laureate: Jorden Burnett


Highest MCA Scores:

6th: Noah Smith, Jacob Carpenter,  Kaj Erickson, Wyatt Clay, Hattie Crotteau

7th: Raymond Dressely, Cy Oberholtzer, Kalina Dimitrova, Braidy Smith, Wyatt Hadley

8th: Kyler Hansen, Emmalli Myers, Ben Obinger, Paul Dorr, Kate Peck, Savanna Shepard


Highest MAPS Scores:

6th: Wyatt Clay, Kaj Erickson, Noah Smith

Most Improved MAPS Score:

6th: Denali Blackwell, MaTaya Fairbanks, Javantae Love, Aiden Robinson

Highest MAPS Score:

7th: Ray Dressely, Cy Oberholtzer, Jack Wolfe

Most Improved MAPS Score:

Wyatt Hadley, Weston Higgins, Brayden Schmidt, Caiden Spry

8th Grade MCA Awards: Paul Dorr, Kyler Hansen, Savanna Shepard

Striving for Excellence:

7th: Ray Dressely, Cy Oberholtzer

8th: Paul Dorr, MaKenzie Fairbanks, Kyler Hanson, Aubby Jenkins, Emmalli Myers, Katie Peck, J Shannon, Savanna Shephard, Kylie Viren

Academic Awards:

Grit Award 

6th: Rylan Brown, Jake Mixdorf

7th: Calvin Battees, Maggie Smith

8th: Faith Johnson, Davin Ranta

Team Player Award 

6th: Jeffery Burton, Shay LeGarde

7th: Arlo Christiansen, Taylor Everson

8th: Payton Morrison, Hailey Wiele

Most Growth Award 

6th: Trevor Morris, Aiden Robinson

7th: Kamryn Johnson, Marshall O’Phelan

8th: Madeline Ziller, Miles Elfvin

Perfect Attendance Award: 

Molly Quello, Levi Rankin

Presidential Award for Educational Achievement (3.25-3.79 GPA)  18-19

6th Grade: Wyatt Clay, Kassia Deschampe, Rayce Gibson, Cody Lange, Benelli Myers,

                  Rohan Rude, Isaac Schmidt, Cade Smith, Reuben Youngdahl

7th Grade: Wyatt Hadley, Andrew Hallberg, Weston Heeren, Recko Helmerson-Skildum,

                  Tighe McHugh, Trinity Rude, Levi Rankin, Jack Wolfe

8th Grade:  MaKenzie Fairbanks, Wei-Lani Likiaksa, Danielle Meyer, Benjamin Obinger,

                   J Shannon, Haddon Taylor, Kylie Viren

Presidential Award for Educational Excellence (3.8 or higher GPA)  18-19

6th Grade: Jacob Carpenter, Iylla Christiansen, Hattie Crotteau, Rachel Dorr, MaTaya Fairbanks,

                  Noah Smith, Finnley Taylor, Molly Quello

7th Grade: Kathryn Carpenter, Kalina Dimitrova, Ray Dressely, Amery Oberg, Cy Oberholtzer,

                  Ryan Shannon

8th Grade: Paul Dorr, Kyler Hansen, Emmali Myers, Kate Peck, Ben Rex, Savanna Shepard

8th Grade Honor Award 

Katie Peck

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