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Monster lake trout pulled from waters near Isle Royale

May 29, 2019 09:19AM ● By Editor

DNR fisheries biologist Shawn Sitar holds a 53-inch redfin lake trout that was captured and eventually released during the DNR's recent Isle Royale lake trout survey in this May 2019 photo. Photo: Michigan Department of Natural Resources

By Maryann Struman of the Detroit Free Press - May 29, 2019

A survey of Lake Superior lake trout at Isle Royale turned up a monster fish: A 53-inch, 34-pound redfin.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) conducts the lake trout survey every five years to manage the long-term health of the fish population.

Armed with gill nets, the research vessel Lake Char set out earlier this month to capture siscowet and redfin lake trout -- types of trout known to cruise the deeper waters around the island.

The DNRs research vessel Lake Char recently completed its Isle Royale lake trout population survey which takes place every five years

The DNR's research vessel Lake Char recently completed its Isle Royale lake trout population survey, which takes place every five years. (Photo: Michigan Department of Natural Resources)

That resulted in the whopping catch.

Officials noted that data from the survey found that the trout population there "remain healthy and are expected to continue providing world-class recreational fishing for years to come," said Edward Baker, the Marquette Fisheries Research Station manager.

The DNR will conduct surveys in many other areas of the lake in the coming months, with the Big Reef, near Munising, coming up in mid-June.

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