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Mrs. Oberg and her students - Making the World a Better Place on Inclusion Day

Mar 07, 2019 10:38AM ● By Editor
From Boreal Community Media - March 7, 2019

This Thursday, the Unified Club would like to announce Spread the Word: Inclusion Day during MS and HS lunch outside of the cafeteria. They will have a banner for students to sign and will have a link for pledges to take place. 

In the past, this day was focused on Ending the "R" word (the word retard, or retarded in everyday language). However, our school is ready for more! Ending hateful speech is important, but we found we then had to answer the "now what". Learning about and practicing inclusion is the answer! Therefore our school will be talking about ending the R word by getting a little deeper and learning about inclusion. 

Learn more and take the pledge yourself here: 

Students will be stopping by the table to sign the banner, take the pledge, and take a bracelet to support the mission.

Thanks for supporting all of our kids!