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Great Lakes Ice Extent Now Above Average

Feb 02, 2019 07:07AM ● By Editor

 Sunset Fri. evening at S. Haven Michigan.  Photo:  WOOD-TV

This was sunset tonight at S. Haven, Michigan.  Dozens of people came to the beach to see the sun set through a layer of lake-effect clouds in the distance where there is still open water. 

Lake Michigan ice extent increasing rapidly 

Look at how the ice extent on Lake Michigan has increased over the past couple weeks.  Friday, 46.2% of Lake Michigan was covered by ice.  Lake Superior was at 58.2% ice cover, Lake Huron was at 53% ice extent, Lake Erie, the shallowest of the Great Lakes, is up to 92.5% and Lake Ontario is at 35.7%.  Lake St. Clair is at 100% ice cover. 

Map of Great Lakes Ice Extent 
The Great Lakes as a whole is at 56% ice cover. 

Great Lakes Historic Ice Cover 
The average highest extent of the winter on the Great Lakes is at 55%, so we have surpassed the average this year and in fact, we have surpassed the average ice extent in 4 of the last 6 winters. 

Muskegon Channel 2 1 19 

This was the view at the Muskegon Channel on Friday.  Lots of ice.  You can see a layer of low clouds out over the lake where there is open water.  At the Muskegon Beach, the high temperature Friday was 16.2° and the low temperature was +0.5°. 


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