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Snow and ice left on vehicle tops can be dangerous hazard

Jan 08, 2019 04:35PM ● By Editor

Media Release from Cook County - January 8, 2019 

The Cook County Sheriff’s Office reminds drivers to clean off snow and ice from tops of vehicles before hitting the road. Blowing snow from vehicle roofs can be extremely hazardous to vehicles traveling behind and passing cars.

“Snow and ice chunks flying off vehicles, especially traveling at higher speeds, can cause accidents, force other drivers off the road, smash windshields and even trigger air bags to deploy,” said Sheriff Pat Eliasen. 

For everyone’s safety and to avoid citation, drivers are reminded to take a couple moments to ensure tops of vehicles are cleared off as best as possible. Failure to do so can be a citable offense under MN statutes169.47 UNSAFE EQUIPMENT or MN 169.13 RECKLESS OR CARELESS DRIVING.

Contact: Valerie Marasco, Director - Office of Emergency Management & Public Information, 
                218-387-3059, mobile 218-387-5366 or 
[email protected]

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