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Music Video: Superior Siren Releases ‘For Mother’

Dec 07, 2018 08:21PM ● By Editor
Emma Deaner and Laura Sellner of Superior Siren. Photo by Wolfskull Creative.

By Kathleen Ambre of - December 7, 2018

Grief. It’s a complex emotion isn’t it? It can be overpowering, infuriating, paralyzing, and the onset of tangled emotions can consume you if you sequester them in the confines of your heart. All of us have been touched by grief in one way or another and process it in our own way. It is like an ocean–ebbing, flowing, cresting, falling. Sometimes the waters are calm, sometimes they are violent. All we can do is learn how to swim.

Superior Siren vocalist Laura Mae Sellner recently lost her mother to brain cancer this past October. Inspired by the beauty of Lake Superior and her incredibly supportive Superior Siren Sisters (Rachel Gobin on Cello, Nyssa Krause on Bass, and Emma Deaner on Drums), she extended her vulnerability beyond the confines of her inner circle of loved ones to an even larger audience. Music video “For Mother” was created by Headwaters Entertainment to commemorate Laura’s mother Linda Ross Sellner, premiering this evening at a special performance at Duluth Cider.

The eerie and hauntingly beautiful video pays tribute to life and loss and showcases the collective pain (and sometimes joy) we all experience when we gather in any way to celebrate the end of a life–one of the most powerful experiences of inextricable human connection.

I had the great privilege to talk with Laura Sellner about the making of ‘For Mother’and the very personal story behind it. If you are interested in attending the show and premiere, tickets here.

To read the full interview, follow this link to the website.

Watch Superior's Siren 'For Mother" Music Video here.

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