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Vasco wins Buck’s Big Buck Contest

Nov 23, 2018 06:41AM ● By Editor

This wasn’t the heaviest buck entered in Buck’s Big Buck Contest, but with an antler spread of 23½ inches and 22 points, it was certainly the largest and most unique set of antlers seen on any buck in quite some time. For Joey Pederson, Grand Marais, it could be the buck of a lifetime. Photo: Joey Pederson

By Brian Larsen of the Cook County News Herald - November 23, 2018

A Stillwater, Minnesota hunter’s big buck held up as the largest field dressed deer entered into the annual Buck’s Big Buck Contest.

Jack Vasco’s 229-pound, 6-ounce submission topped the rest of the field, but not by much.Vasco received a Remington Mode 700 BDL 30-06 for his winning entry.

In the largest antler spread category, Joey Pederson, Grand Marais, won with his 22 point beauty that had an antler spread of 23 ½ inches. Pederson’s deer weighed 220 pounds.

Robert Swift of Rogers, Minnesota claimed the drawing. 

He and Pederson each received $1985.

All told there were 397 people who took part in the 2018 contest. Each person throws $10 into the pot to join. Half of the prize money goes to the largest antler spread and the other half of the money goes to the lucky winner of the drawing.

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