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Northland Foundation data reports good news and bad news for Cook County

Oct 24, 2018 10:14AM ● By Editor
Photo:   Northland Foundation 

Media release from The Northland Foundation - October 25, 2018

The Northland Foundation released its Minnesota Compass comprehensive data report comparing the counties that is serves in Northeastern Minnesota to the regional average and the overall state of Minnesota.  The Northland Foundation partnered with the Wilder Foundation, creators of the Minnesota Compass website, to produce "data snapshots" featuring some key demographic and wellbeing measures for the seven counties of northeastern Minnesota. The customized Compass Points contain the most recent data for select measures and illustrate trends related to age, economics, education, and more.

Some of the highlights of Cook County data performance vs. the overall state of Minnesota included the following.

In education
Cook County averages better than average in the percentage of 3rd graders who are proficient in Reading, 8th graders who are proficient in Math, and students who graduate high school on time.

In Work Force quality
Cook County averages better than average in Adults 25+ with bachelors degrees and associate degrees.

In Aging
Cook County performs better than the state wide average for percentage of Adults 65+ living alone.

However, negative statistics also are reported for Cook County vs. the state wide average.

In Early Childhood and Youth
Cook County performs worse than the state average in children who are screened before age 5, low birth weights, and students who are on free and reduced lunch status

In Economy
Cook County performs worse than the statewide average for the percentage of the population living at or below 200% of poverty.

In Housing
Cook County performs worse than the state average for the percentage of households and homeowners who pay at least 30% of income for housing.

The Northland Compass Points data for Cook County can be accessed in the attached PDF.

More information is available on the Northland Foundation website by following this link.

You can access an array of data on Minnesota population and quality of life by following this link to the Minnesota Compass Points website.

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