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Unsolicited Absentee Ballot Application Mailing

Sep 27, 2018 12:07PM ● By Editor

Public Service Announcement from Cook County - September 27, 2018

Heads-up! The Cook County Sheriff’s and Auditor’s Offices have been notified that these are showing up in Cook County. Across the State, this unsolicited mail that looks like it came from local counties is causing some confusion.

Here’s what to know:

Cook County would not send out unsolicited absentee application forms, but voter registration groups may.  Key point - It is not ballots they are sending. They are sending absentee applications, likely in an effort to get more people to vote.  If the voter completes the application and sends it to us (Cook County), we will review the application itself to see if it is s) a valid form, b) review it for completion and accuracy, and c) if it is from a registered voter, mail them ballot materials. 

Very few people in Cook County need an absentee application because most are located in a Mail Ballot Precinct and will receive a ballot in the mail if they are registered. If we receive an absentee application from a non-registered voter, they are required to also complete a Voter Registration Application to receive a ballot and have their vote counted. 

What should you do if you get one and you didn’t request an absentee ballot application form?

If you are unsure if it’s a valid absentee application form, you may wish to report it to the Auditor’s (Elections) Office.  If people receive actual ballots in the mail they should report it.

So, we just want to give people a heads-up that they could receive this. While it didn’t come from Cook County, it is a way third party organizations try to get more people to vote after personal information has been purchased. Read the story to find out more….

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