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September 25 Board of Commissioners Meeting Highlights.

Sep 26, 2018 07:33PM ● By Editor

Media Release from Cook County - September 26, 2018

Following are highlights and key priorities covered at the Tuesday, Sept 25 Board of Commissioners Meeting:

Approve the Agenda
Motion was made and carried to approve the agenda with pulling items B and C from the Consent Agenda for discussion later in the meeting.

Public Comment Period
Arvis Thompson appeared before the Board with questions regarding the Jail Study process.

Consent Agenda
Motion was made and carried to approve the following Consent Agenda items, including:
A. Claims
D. Authorize Utility Easement - AEC - Land Exchange  
E. Airport Grant Resolution  
F. Approve Airport Contract for Beacon/Ramp  
G. Firewise Fuel Reduction Agreements
H. Firewise Fuel Reduction Agreements
I. Ratify Professional Service Agreement 
J. Maintenance Technician/Custodian-Approve Hiring
K. Dispatcher Jailer-Approve Hiring  
L. Completion of 2017 Gravel Permit Review
M. Approve Job Description Changes


Construction & Bridge Work
Krysten Foster, County Engineer, appeared seeking Board approval for a routine bridge inspection services contract with MSA Professional Services which are a requirement under Minn. Stat. § 165.03 for the fall of 2018 through June 2019 in the amount of $7,946.00, along with the authorization for the Highway Engineer to sign and execute this contract. Motion was made and carried.

Contract Amendment Authorization, Cross River Bridge: County Engineer requested Board authorization to hire Erickson Engineering Co, LLC to redesign the Cross River Bridge on CR 46 (N Gunflint Lake Road). We have requested for the original proposal to redesign the new bridge to a timber slab span structure, which will be similar to the bridge in-place rather than the single-span prestressed concrete beam. Motion was made and approve.

Fredenberg Creek Culvert Replacement on CSAH 1: This is a culvert replacement project on CSAH 1 being facilitated by the Soil & Water Conservation District. 

Planning & Zoning

Bill Lane, Planning & Zoning Administrator presented the following applications:
After-the-Fact Conditional Use Permit (ATF CUP) for VRBO in LR-2 zone: The Planning Commission respectfully requested Board approval of Chris Rohret’s ATF CUP application to establish a permitted Vacation Rental Home presence in the Lutsen, LR-2 Con District. The applicant has paid a $300 ATF fee. Motion was made and approved.  

Brennan Malanaphy: ATF CUP VRBO in LR-2 Zone: The Planning Commission requested Board approval of the Malanaphy ATF CUP request to establish a permitted Vacation Rental Home presence in the Lutsen, LR-2 Con District. Malanaphy has paid a $300 ATF fee. Motion was made and approved.  

Planning Commission respectfully requested approval of the Third Amendment of the Declarations, CIC # 16, to allow construction of a garage within Outlot A, the Plat of Terrace Point. Motion was made and approved. 

USFS Land Exchange & Lease Agreements – County Attorney
County Attorney Molly Hicken reportrf the US Forest Service/Cook County Land Exchange is set for a closing at 1:45 pm on Thursday, Sept 27, 2018, in the Cook County Commissioners Room. Attorney Hicken asked that the Board authorize three Right of Way (ROW) Agreements for the continuation of existing land uses and for the modification of two ROW Agreements that were previously approved and only need to be updated to reflect the date of closing.

ROW Utilities License/Century Link-Land Exchange: Authorize execution of the Cook County Right-of-Way license for utilities to CenturyLink Corporation for the lands, effective as of Sept 27, 2018, which will replace a Special Use Permit that MNDOT had in place with the USFS with regard to construction, operation, and maintenance of a telecommunication line, power line, and fiber optic cable and telephone exchange building on then federally-owned lands in the Gunflint and Laurentian Ranger Districts. Motion was made and approved. 

Lease to MNDOT for Pine Mountain Tower: Authorize execution of a Tower Lease to Minnesota Department of Transportation Department effective as of Sept 27, 2018, which will replace a Special Use Permit that MNDOT had in place with the USFS.  Motion was made and approved.  

Gitchi-Gami Bike Trail. Giving State right-of-way to care for the .55 mile of bike trail with a 25-year agreement. Motion was made and approved. Designating Administrator Cadwell as the signature.  Motion made and approved. 

Amend date of agreement. Ground Lease for Maple Hill Fire Hall

Amend date of agreement. Ground Lease for Gunflint Trail Volunteer Fire Department

Revolving Loan Request

Braidy Powers, Auditor-Treasurer presented a request for a $96,690 revolving loan to Bruce and Steven Block of Building Blocks, LLC for the Village North Housing project, with a 2nd position mortgage on the project property and assignment of monthly rents as collateral for the project, execution of a Loan Agreement.  Security Agreement and Promissory Note and authorizing the Board Chair and Auditor-Treasurer to sign such agreements, with all of the above subject to review and acceptance of current financial statements by the County Auditor and financial coordinator. Motion approved.

Administrator Update
County Administrator Jeff Cadwell gave an update on ISD 166 plans to improve school security by applying for a Secure Schools Grant. Plans may impact space owned by the County and used for YMCA daycare operations. The YMCA is also applying for an IRRRB grant to improve bathroom facilities in the daycare spaces. Changes in ownership of space or acceptance of grant funds and building improvements will be brought to the Board when plans are finalized.

Commissioner Concerns
Commissioner Heidi Doo-Kirk: Mark Williams is the new YMCA Technician/Custodian and Amanda Anderson is the new Dispatcher/Jailer at the LEC. 

Commissioner Bobbi Deschampe: Was concerned about the funding portion for town hall, historical society, YMCA. Would like to look at facility planning funding issues.

Commissioner Jan Sivertson: Talked about the Revolving Loan Funds, the complexity, criteria, education.  Stated there many important groups and concerns of aging and we need to educate the younger generation to take over this position.

Full details of Board Meetings are available through video footage, Agendas and Minutes at County Board Meetings are open to the public.

Contact: Jeff Cadwell, Cook County Administrator, 218-387-3687 or [email protected]


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