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Southwest winds blows smoke to Thunder Bay from fire near Quetico Park

Aug 24, 2018 07:51AM ● By Editor
By Christina Jung · CBC News · August 23, 2018

Hazey conditions in northwestern Ontario is caused by the 500 hectare fire near Quetico Park, according to fire information officer, Jonathan Scott. (Chris Marchand / MNRF)

Southwesterly winds in Thunder Bay, Ont.,  has caused smoke from a fire near Quetico Park to drift into northwestern Ontario on Thursday morning creating some hazy conditions in the area, according to the Ministry's fire information officer Jonathan Scott.

The approximately 500 hectare fire called Fort Frances 24 started near the end of July, Scott said, and it is currently being monitored by fire crews.

"There's a fire in Quetico Park that actually put on some size yesterday as well," Scott told CBC News. "They are just remapping it now ... but they are going to get an updated size on that shortly."

A total of 13 forest fires were reported in the northwest region on Wednesday, Scott said, with most of them being small in size and caused by lightning strikes from previous days.

"The largest one yesterday was 3.5 hectares in size and right now the fire hazard is high to extreme across majority of the northwest region," Scott said, with the southern parts of the region under extreme conditions.

He said the lack of precipitation and the warm temperature is expected to create similar conditions throughout the rest of the week, with more lightning strikes emerging as fires.

Although there is some rain forecasted for the weekend, Scott said crews are "still expecting high fire behaviour and more fires to emerge," this week before the rain.