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City of Grand Marais Stormwater Management Plan Review

Aug 09, 2018 02:50PM ● By Editor
Media Release from the City of Grand Marais - August 9, 2018

Grand Marais adopted its last Stormwater Management Plan in 2001. The plan guided the city as it managed its infrastructure and surface water resources. The Plan made recommendations for improvements to the stormwater management system, most of which have been implemented by the City and its local partners. Today there are still stormwater management issues that need to be addressed. Aging infrastructure, land development, flooding, public safety, property damage, pollutant loads to Lake Superior and beach closures.

The City of Grand Marais and The Cook County Soil and Water Conservation District have partnered in the development of a 2018-2027 Stormwater Management Plan for the Grand Marais Watershed. This updated Stormwater Management Plan addresses these issues by evaluating existing and proposed drainage conditions and making prioritized recommendations for policies, upgrades, and improvements to existing infrastructure and new Stormwater Best Management Practices that address existing and future land use needs.

Take a look at the draft 2018 Grand Marais stormwater management plan and the executive summary at

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